Amara’s Coast to Coast Festival Showcases Coastal Cuisines from Around the World


Earlier this week I was invited to a blogger’s table at Amara, the global buffet restaurant at Trident Hyderabad. Amara is hosting a limited time Coast to Coast promotion to showcase delicacies from coasts, ports, and islands around the world.

This was my second visit to Amara – during my previous visit I was barred from clicking pics of the buffet. I am not sure if that policy is still there, or an exception was made just for the blogger’s table, but I definitely made the most of it. The breadth of cuisines on display was impressive, with a mix of both Indian and International cuisines. The cold cuts and salads counter showcased Fish Kasundi from Bengal, Hawaiian Salmon Tartare, Seafood Ceviche, and Shrimp Cocktail. The soups section featured Caldo Verde (Spinach and Potato Soup) from Spain and Coconut Chicken Soup from Thailand. Appetisers on display included Beetroot Chaap inspired by Veg Chop from Bengal, Caribbean Fiery Drumettes, and Kerala styled Fried Fish. Also on offer are Pita breads along with an assortment of dips like Mutabbal, Tashi, Humus, and Labneh from the Mediterranean.

The main course left me spoilt for choice, and I ended up needing three passes to just sample some of the dishes on offer. The highlights here were the creamy Vinci Grasi (Lasagne) from Italy, Fishermen’s Cottage Pie from Britain, the light and delicious Islanders Goat Curry from the Carribean, the tangy, creamy, and sweet Doi Maachh from Bengal, the rich Chicken Massaman curry from Thailand, and the fiery Lamb Xacuti from Goa.

The desserts counter was as elaborate as the mains and featured everything from Crem Brule and Dobos Tart to Rasmalai and Besan ke Laddoo. If you have a sweet tooth you’d be spoiled for choice. Alas, after my extensive main course, I couldn’t muster the appetite to try most of the desserts. However, I did taste a spoonful of the Passion Fruit Mousse and Chocolate Eclaire, and found them both to be quite good.

The Coast of Coast promotion offers a fascinating mix of cuisines from around the world. It goes beyond seafood, which is popular in almost all coastal cuisines, and succeeds in offering a diverse array of dishes. Go ahead and check it out, because there’s something for everyone. The Coast to Coast promotion will continue until the end of this month (30th November), and is priced at Rs. 1638 (all inclusive).


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