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AB’s or Absolute Barbecues needs little introduction. It has been nothing short of a rage in all of the cities it has a presence in. It’s probably the only restaurant to be rated 4.9 (out ot 5) across multiple cities and outlets, with thousands of reviews. However, it’s hardly surprising that AB’s is doing so well. Absolute Barbecues has offers a great buffet spread at a competitive price. The regular menu features a rather large number of barbecue starters, dozens of options in the wish grill, a sizeable main course, and a great desserts spread. The food at AB’s is consistently good, and the service is always exceptional. AB’s pretty much offers everything a regular person wants while eating out. As a result even my friends and acquaintances who rarely eat out have been to Absolute Barbecue regularly.

AB’s is currently hosting a Sea Food festival in its Hyderabad outlets. I was invited to a tasting session on Monday, and came away impressed with what’s on offer. While the previous sea food festival focussed mainly on the wish grill, this year, the theme has been extended to soups, starters and the main course. Instead of serving a run of the mill soup like most buffets, AB’s is now offering French Onion Soup (veg) and Seafood Double Consumme. I opted for the French Onion Soup, which is one of my all-time favourites, and it was pretty darn good. Starters included Mahi-Mahi in Dijon Mustard (Fish), Prawns, Konkoni grill Talapia, and Tandoori Crab. The Tandoori Crab was a slight overcooked, due ot which it had lost a lot of the aroma and flavour. However, the excellent marinade was enough to make it my favourite starter of the day. The Talapia and Mahi Mahi also deserve a special mention. The wish grill had Tuna, Shark, Anchovy, Red Snapper, Barakota, Squid, Octopus, Eel, and Ray on offer, in addition to Quail and Rabbit. You could have any of these prepared to your liking by specifying the sauces and condiments to the chef at the Wish Grill counter. Many of the same options including Squid, Prawn, and Anchovy were also available at the live Tempura counter. Highlights in the main course include special additions like Barbados Coconut Prawn Masala, Goan Pomphret Curry, Prawn Cocktail, and Seafood cold cuts. New additions to the desserts counter include Apple Halwa and Crepes Suzette.

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I love the fact that even though the barbecue buffet is meant for the masses, AB’s has gone the extra mile and added dishes like Prawn Cocktail, Seafood Coldcuts, and Crepes Suzette that aren’t a common sight at similar buffets in the city. It’s also offers folks who are conservative in their dining choices an opportunity to explore new flavours. The Absolute Marine festival is on till the 7th Feb at Gachhibowli and Madhapur outlets.


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