Trident Hyderabad Celebrates Oktoberfest with Beers, Sausages, and Grills


Free-flowing beer, juicy sausages, and heaps of grilled meat. That’s what the Oktoberfest at Amara by Trident Hyderabad has in store for you. With the exception of a couple of small islands, almost the entire Amara buffet has been overhauled to mark the world’s largest beer festival.

The salads counter is graced with German favourites like Potato Salad, and Summer Pumpkin Salad. Right next to it is the bread station featuring Pretzels and Pumpernickels. On the opposite side is a live-station dishing out Spaetzle, traditional German soft egg pasta, in a choice of condiments. I made quick work out of the salads and breads as I was eager to move onto the real attraction – the sausages and grills.


There are half a dozen speciality sausages on offer. The Munchener Weisswurst is seasoned with herbs and typically paired with potato mash, while the fermented, cured and smoked Spanish Chorizos are served pan-seared with mustard. The most popular of the lot is the long and meaty German Bratwurst that can be enjoyed with the tart Sauerkraut — slices of cabbage cold fermented for over a week. If you don’t eat Pork you can relish the Tenderloin Emmentaler or the spicy Chicken Bockwurst and the Chicken Cocktail sausage. Trident is sourcing its sausages from a vendor in Delhi who specializes in German sausages. Grills on offer include Chicken Satay, veg skewers, leg of Lamb, and fish. There’s an assortment of sauces available for you to pair with your grills and sausages — from Asian styled Peanut sauce to Sour Cream, Pilati and Garlic, Pineapple Salsa, and Avocado and Oil.

Along with other German specialities like Schnitzels, the buffet also features the usual spread of Indian, Asian, and European main courses and desserts. The Oktoberfest buffet is available in two packages – Rs. 1800 (taxes extra) inclusive of domestic beer and Rs. 2200 (taxes extra) inclusive of imported beers. The Oktoberfest will continue at Amara until October 3rd (dinners only).


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