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I had earlier called the Jonathan’s Kitchen’s Sunday brunch “the most fun Sunday Brunch in town.” But, why should all the fun be only on Sundays? Jonathan’s Kitchen is now offering a Saturday brunch with a twist. They’re calling it a ‘Saturday Drunch’ – a little bit of breakfast, a little bit of lunch, and a whole lot of alcohol.

Just like the Sunday Brunch, you can choose to be seated at either Jonathan’s Kitchen or at Komatose. I always prefer to be at Komatose, since that gives me immediate access to the bar. The Saturday Drunch is all about letting you chose how you want to enjoy your meal. On offer is essentially a three-course meal. The food menu has eighteen different options split across breakfast, main course, and desserts. The menu doesn’t force you to pick one from each course, and gives you the liberty to order any three items. If you woke up late and came straight to JK after Friday night partying you can start off with a hearty breakfast before moving on to the drinks, and order a main course and a dessert later in the afternoon. Or, if you have a sweet tooth you can just order one main course and opt for two desserts.

The Drunch menu is an absolute dream come true for egg lovers like me. On offer is Benedict, Florentine, Royale, and Kejriwal. I didn’t get to try the Kejriwal, but the other three dishes were fabulous. The Hollandaise sauce in the Benedict was the best that I’ve had in Hyderabad. JK has replaced the ham with bacon, owing to the easier availability of the latter. I’m someone who firmly believes that adding bacon to pretty much anything makes it better, so I didn’t miss the ham too much. But, the bacon does make cutting through the Benedict a tad more challenging. If you’re looking for something desi, there’s also Aloo Paratha served with pickle and curd.

The main course selection also features a lot of comfort foods – a really gooey Classic Mac and Cheese, a fluffy Bhature paired with a lipsmacking Chhole, and a homely Dadima’s Chicken Curry and Rice. My favourite, however, was the Fish Moilee. This traditional fish stew with coconut milk from Kerala is just what you need after you’ve been chugging down bottles of beer through the afternoon. The Chicken Kathi roll is the perfect dish if you’re craving for something spicy but not too heavy. Desserts on offer include a sinful French Toast with Blueberry Compote, Apple and Cinnamon Pie with Ice Cream, and Brownie and Cheesecake duet.

Of course, the highlight of a Drunch has to be the drinks. The usual stuff like Vodka, Dark and White Rum, and Gin are all there. But, Jonathan’s Kitchen has now added Stella Beer and Vat 69 to the mix. Although there’s a menu of suggested cocktails, you can order pretty much any concoction made from the liquors included in the package. Kiran and David at the bar whipped up Old Fashion, Whisky Sour, Lust (Chilly Vodka), Cuba Libre, and a Classic Mojito for me.

While the Drunch has plenty to make everyone happy, it’s obviously targetted at people who enjoy their spirits. I loved the concept behind the Drunch, and the food is just what I’d love to have on a Saturday afternoon. My only complaint was that besides the bowls of peanuts, there’s nothing to complement the drinks. I’d love to see some munchies like Crispy Corn. Nevertheless, at just Rs. 899 all-inclusive for a three course meal and unlimited alcohol, the Sunday Drunch is quite simply a steal. Jonathan’s Kitchen and Komatose offers a great atmosphere (livened up by Shawn Pereira’s soulful singing), good service, great food, and boatloads of drinks at a price that’s unmatched in Hyderabad.


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