The Most Fun Sunday Brunch in Town is at Jonathan’s Kitchen


Jonathan’s Kitchen is one of the few places that impressed right from the onset and has continued to excel over the years. The menu boasts of an impressive repertoire of dishes spanning the globe. However, off late, I’ve been finding myself visiting Jonathan’s Kitchen mostly for their Sunday brunch. In fact, my last four visits to Jonathan’s Kitchen have all been on a Sunday afternoon. And the reason is quite simple – Jonathan’s Kitchen’s brunch is one of the most rollicking brunches in the city.

The Jonathan’s Kitchen brunch offers a five-course meal along with unlimited drinks. The menu is changed every few weeks, but the format remains constant. You are offered unlimited servings of three veg and three non-veg appetisers, followed by a soup and a salad. For the main course, you have to pick a dish from a selection of four vegetarian and four non-vegetarian dishes. You finish off your meal with a dessert of your choice. Liquor options available include beer (KF Premium and KF Ultra), vodka (Smirnoff), rum (Bacardi White and Dark), whisky (Antiquity), and any cocktail made from the aforementioned spirits. Teetotallers also have a selection of mocktails to choose from.

The unlimited serving of starters along with the unlimited drinks seal the deal for me. During the brunch, you have the option of dining at Jonathan’s Kitchen or sitting near the bar at Komatose. While Jonathan’s Kitchen features soulful music by Shawn Pereira, Komatose offers you more instantaneous access to the bar counter. Komatose has some of the best cocktails in the city, and although not everything is available in the brunch menu, there’s plenty that is. If you’re unsure, I’d recommend starting off with an order of Cuba Libre, Lust, and Mary Koma. Kiran Kumar Das or Bubai at the bar is a bundle of energy, and is always happy to conjure something up for you. The menu keeps on roating but there’s always something or the other to like.

While Seasonal Tastes brunch still rules the roost thanks to its absolutely massive spread, it’s difficult for most to justify spending upwards of two and a half thousand bucks on a regular basis. Jonathan’s Kitchen offers a wonderful alternative. Whether you want to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon meal or to drink to your heart’s content, the Sunday brunch offers an amazing bargain at Rs. 999 (all-inclusive).


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