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One of the many things that living in Sikkim for four years does is instil in you an everlasting love for momos. No matter where you are in Sikkim, if there are people around, you’re assured to get a wholesome serving of momos. These Nepalese dumplings are the best kind of street food – delicious and healthy. Sadly, good momos are a rarity even in a big city like Hyderabad. Sure, Mainland China serves delicious dumplings, but the sticker shock on what is essentially a street food relegates it to a rare indulgence. It’s no surprise then that Momo lovers from near and far flocked to Kathmandu Momo when it started last year. Kathmandu Momo offered piping hot momos with an almost authentic sauce at a price everyone could afford without feeling guilty. However, for folks in Cyberabad, travelling all the way to Kathmandu Momos is a tough ask. In spite of loving its Momos, I’ve managed to have it only thrice in the past eight months. The good news is now there’s an option for folks living in the other part of the city.

Momo Land is a new street food venture from one of my college seniors and her brother. Momo Land hopes to remind everyone who has been to Sikkim of the momos available on the streets of Gangtok. Currently, the momos are available in two variants – simple steamed momos and chilly momos. The chilly momos are fried momos cooked in spicy sauce with stir fried veggies. They reminded me a little of my perennial favourite Pan Fried Momo cooked in Schezwan sauce by Wow! Momo. I missed the dazzling flavour added by the Schezwan sauce, but my friend preferred this simpler preparation. All momos are available in veg and non-veg (chicken), with or without the traditional soup. I didn’t try the soup today, but will be going back soon to check that out. There are two sauces – mild and hot. Both were delicious, but I didn’t find even the hot sauce to be really hot. I was told that this will be rectified soon, as they’re trying to import Dalle Khursani (the chilly that’s typically used for making Momo chutney/sauce). I tried the Chicken Momo, Chicken Chilly Momo, and the Veg Momo. All the momos at Momo Land had a soft and thin skin, unlike the momos you get at a lot of places in Hyderabad. The veg momo filling was great. However, I felt that the chicken momo filling was lumped together and could have been softer and juicier. Getting the chicken filling right can be tricky, but when done right the results can be stupendous. The Naga Kitchen in Bangalore absolutely floored me with its Chicken Momos that somehow managed to replicate the tender and moist texture that you’d normally find only in pork momos. Kathmandu Momo definitely scores over Momo Land in the chicken momo, but only by a small margin. Momo Land’s momos are still pretty fabulous, and without a shade of doubt the most authentic momos on this side of the city.


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  1. after searching for 6 months i found pretty decent momos in eat corner at kondapura near chirec.. but sadly its closed.. but after reading your review.. i am excited and happy.. yippieeee.. being from delhi-ncr.. momos were like everyday affair.. and here in hyderabad its a luxury of time and money.. but this outlet seems a promising place for momos fans like me.. 🙂

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