Ankapur Village Brings the Magic of Military Hotels to Hyderabad


An unplanned Monday night dinner turned out to be a surprisingly delightful gastronomic experience. My friend was craving for Kolkata Biryani so we headed to Khaa Ke Dekh. Alas! The restaurant was closed. After a quick brainstorming of nearby options we decided to head to Ankapur village – A Military Hotel (near Hafeezpet Station). The restaurant has two thatched huts – the smaller one with a single table acts as a private dining area, while the larger one has four tables. Although the setup is pretty humble, the service was good, and the place seemed clean.

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We ordered Ankapur Chicken Kebab, Clay Pot Pulao, Donne Biryani, Bagara Rice, and Chicken Curry. Mutton and Prawn were not in stock, so we had to settle for Chicken options. The Ankapur Chicken Kebab was similar to the Chicken Kebabs available in Andhra restaurants (eg. Village Style Kebabs at Palamuru Grill) – char-grilled to perfection with a spicy marinade. Donne Biryani is not your typical Biryani. Instead, it’s closer to what you might expect in a Pulao. The Biryani derives its name from the dried banana fibre cups, and the meat is usually cooked over charcoal. I haven’t been to Bangalore’s legendary Shivaji Hotel but absolutely fell in love with the Biryani at Ankapur Village. This dish was simply amazing. The Biryani was served with a spicy Chicken Gravy (only gravy) that worked very well with the rice. The Pot Pulao was also brilliant. Light, aromatic, rich in ghee, and delicious! We didn’t get the usual combo of Bagara Rice and Mutton Dalcha, but the Chicken Curry also worked quite well. The chicken curry was rich in spice, but quite rustic. The food served at Ankapur is usually mild, but the heat is amped up on request.

A meal for three set us back by just Rs. 565.

Update (26/6/2017): The restaurant has now shifted to Madhapur.


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