Indulge Yourself with Premium, Eggless Desserts from Finom


‘Finom’, which means ‘delicious’ in Hungarian is the dream project of Ishita Parakh Jain, a passionate baker who recently moved to Hyderabad from Delhi. She began baking at an early age of six, and her love for baking has since only grown stronger. Currently operating out of an apartment in Punjagutta, Finom serves signature cakes, ice cream cakes, cookies, frozen yoghurts (FroYo), and dessert jars

Ishita sent me over three products for review – a signature cake and a couple of dessert jars. The cake is quite aptly called ‘Finominal 5 Textured Treasure’. A moist sponge cake dusted with cocoa and layered with rich chocolate mousse, chocolate gateau, crisp hazelnut biscuit, and a chocolate sable base. This cake is indeed phenomenal. The textural variations – from the airy mousse to the moist sponge and the crunchy biscuit – made me want to keep digging in.

The dessert jars come in two flavours – Nutella Rocher Mousse and Toffee Banoffee. Whether you a Banoffee always depends on your reaction to banana in sweet desserts. While I’ve never been a big fan of the peanut banana and butter combination in an Elvis sandwich, I love the classical Banoffee Pie. In this dessert jar, the banana is layered with a rich, toffee sauce and topped with cream and chocolate shavings. Once again, this dessert offers gleeful indulgence. The toffee sauce makes it aggressively sweet so it’s best enjoyed a couple of spoonfuls at a time. I wish that the chocolate shavings were more bitter and that there was more of them. The Mousse jar offers a creamy Nutella and Hazelnut Mousse. It’s light and airy but with an intense and rich flavour. Once again, it is quite high on the sweetnes scale.

All of Finom’s products are eggless but I didn’t see any of the textural problems that eggless products often suffer from. Finom’s cakes are priced between Rs. 1700 and 2300 for a kg, while the dessert jars are priced at Rs. 1500 for five jars. The pricing puts Finom on par with other premium bakers including Concu and Matter of Batter and if the 5 Textured Treasure is anything to go by, Finom definitely falls in the same league. Orders must be placed at least a day in advance by calling Finom on +91-9618869500 and have to be picked up from the kitchen in Punjagutta.


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