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Tandooriwala opened up in Miyapur a few months back, however, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit until today. They already have a store in Bangalore, which has mixed reviews on Zomato. Thankfully, my experience today was quite pleasant.

The restaurant is dimly lit by the small incandescent lamps on individual tables, and the décor is simple yet not dull. The waiters were attentive, and we received all our food pretty quickly.

There were only two of us, so I couldn’t try too many dishes. To start things off, I ordered Lahori Kebab on the waiter’s suggestion. I’m not sure what a Lahori Kebab is supposed to be, and the waiter could only tell us that it is good and spicy. It turned out to pretty similar to the normal kebab. It had a decent amount of heat, and the marination was good. However, the kebab was slightly overdone, which made it a tad dry. The pudina chutney that was served along with it was a little too watery.

In the mains, I ordered Butter Chicken and Tandoori Roti. Butter Chicken is probably the most famous dish in the North Indian cuisine. Yet, it’s a dish that most restaurants in Hyderabad get wrong. However, Tandooriwala did a pretty good job with it. The gravy was rich and creamy with a hint of sweetness. It had a little bit more heat than you would normally expect in Butter Chicken, but I would hold that against the chef, since the heat didn’t kill the other flavours. This might not be the best Butter Chicken in Hyderabad, but it’s the best in the vicinity.

My friend ordered Egg Soft Noodles and Lemon Chicken. While noodles are quite obviously not Tandooriwala’s specialty, they did a pretty decent job. They avoided the temptation of throwing in too many spices and the overall taste was as good as what you’d find in many oriental restaurants in the city. Tandooriwala is also supposed to have a pretty decent Biryani, but I didn’t get a chance to try those today.

A meal for two cost us close to a thousand bucks, but the quantity was actually enough for three people. If you live in this part of a city, then Tandooriwala is a good value for money option.


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