Mangolicious Sunday Brunch at Seasonal Tastes


Every year, once a year, Westin Hyderabad lets the king of fruits take over its Seasonal Tastes brunch. A slice of mango finds its way into every section of the expansive buffet spread. I was invited to experience this year’s ‘Mango Brunch’. The moment I stepped in through the gates, the tempting aroma of the mangoes wafting through the lobby grabbed my attention. The vibrant yellow hue of mango punctuated every nook and cranny of the cafe.

I began my meal by picking up Parma Ham wrapped with Fazli Mango Wedges and Honey Ginger Dressing, Marinated Thai Spiced Shrimps with Raw Mango and Chives Salad, and a giant Crab from the cold cuts and salads section. Chef Srikanth sent us a couple of Indian starters from the buffet – Shahi Mango Gilafi Seekh and Mahi Aur Kachche Aam ki Kebab. The Sheekh had a hint of the sweetness of the mango, but it was the Mahi Kebab (Fish Mince Kebab with Raw Mango) where the flavour of the mango really shone through. Some of the other starters featured on the buffet were Tortilla Chips with Sweet Mango Salsa, Spicy Sausage with Sweet Mango dip, Mango Sushi, Mango and Chicken Souvlaki, Paneer Malda Tikka, Mango Tikki, and Chilli Mango Thai Chicken. I washed all of this down with a helping of the supremely refreshing Chunky Chilled Mango and Mint Soup.

The main course at Seasonal Tastes offers a little bit everything – from Appam and Stew to Roast Lamb and Biryani. The highlights for me were the Mango Crepes with Chilli Tenderloin, Mushroom and Alphonso Tarts, and Dasheri Aam aur Murgh ke Pasandey. Some of the other dishes featured in Mango brunch included Cajun and Mango Rubbed Oven Roasted Lamb, Asian Greens with Water Chestnut Tofu and Spicy Mango, Stir Fried Chicken with Thai Mango and Spinach,Raw Mango Eggplant and Fennel Gratin, Sev aur Aam ki Sabzi, Paneer Malda Aam Ras Qualiya, and Kairi ki Dal.

The desserts counter for the Mango brunch was quite a sight to behold. The sweetness of mango makes them the perfect ingredient for desserts, and desserts on offer used them in almost every way imaginable. There were the classics Mango Strudel, Mango Gateaux, Mango Shreekhand, and Mango Payasam. Then there were dishes like Mango and Gulab Jamun Cheese Pie, Mango Mille Feuille, Malda Mango and Clove Tarte Tartin, Mango and Chia Seed Pudding, Alphonso Mango Cobbler, and Dasheri Mango and Coconut Crunch Tart. While some like the Cheese Pie were a little too confusing mix of flavours, most of the desserts were really good. The crunchy Alphonso Mango Cobbler and Candied Carabao Mango Bavarois were my favourites.

The Mango Brunch is one of a kind indulgence that a Mango lover really shouldn’t miss. Unfortunately, since Seasonal Tastes only does this once a year, it’s going to be long wait if you missed this year’s Mango fest. Seasonal Tastes’ brunch is priced at Rs. 1899 (plus taxes).


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