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In a rather short span of time Tatva has successfully established itself as one of the best pure vegetarian fine-dines in the city. It owes much of its success to the fabulous menu crafted by Executive Chef Naveen Nagaraj that features dishes as diverse as Welsh Rarebit, Singhada Chatpata, and Cannelloni Florentine. The Kamal Kakdi Ke Galouti is one of my favourite vegetarian kebabs in the city. I was recently invited to try their limited time Mango Festival that features ten delicious desserts showcasing the ‘King of Fruits’.


Chef Naveen has made a conscious effort to keep the desserts simple so that the mango can truly shine. The Fresh Harvest is the simplest of them all – freshly cut pieces of Himayat mango served with whipped cream. This dessert was crafted for diners looking for something light after a heavy meal. The fresh fruit is also showcased in Tropical Rosette, Seasonal Greed, and Duet. The Duet is a Vanilla ice cream mixed with freshly cut mango cubes, while the Seasonal Greed is a Mango Panacotta with cubes of fresh mango and other fruits. Presentation of dishes has always been a strong point of Tatva but some of the dishes in the Mango Festival are absolutely gorgeous. My favourite was the Tropical Rosette, which features a tart with a rosette constructed from chunks of fresh mango and mango mascarpone. The dishes that didn’t quite get it right were the Aamrakhand (Mango Shrikhand) an Ecstasy (Mango Cheesecake). Cardamom flavour dominated the Shrikhand instead of mango, while the Cheesecake was served frozen.

Each dessert is priced at Rs. 249 (all-inclusive) and the festival will continue until June 10.


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