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Glocal Junction – a new-age Gastropub, is Food & Link’s second property in Hyderabad. Glocal believes in being “global in appearance yet local at heart”, and offers an international menu with a local touch. It opens its doors at 11:30 as a laid back and relaxing hang out place, and slowly transforms itself into a loud, happening pub once the sun goes down. The menu by the day and the menu by the night are different. So, if you want to try any of the particular dishes mentioned below, I’d advise you to check out the menu at Zomato to find out when you’d get the dish.

The food menu is an interesting combination of quick eats and gourmet food. Food & Link’s Mumbai roots shine through in excellent renditions of Vada Pav and Disco Anda. Hyderabad and Telangana marks its presence on the menu through dishes like Golchina Mamsam and Orru Kodi Pulusu. Global influences include Arab ki Thali, 4 Cheese Mac n Cheese, and Prawn Thermidoor. During my three visits to Glocal (once during the launch party, once for a blogger’s table, and once with my friends), I managed to taste a wide range of food and drinks from their menu. There are plenty of surprises in store, but one dish that really stands out is Hot Tennessee Barrahhhh – succulent pieces of Lamb Shoulder chops cooked in Indian spices and doused in Tennessee Hot sauce. If the Barrah is too hot for you, the mild Mezze Platter is the perfect dish to offer your tongue some respite. The platter is called Arab ki Thali and has Smoked Chikpea Hummus, Roasted Bell Pepper Babaganoush, and Harissa. Chicken lovers should check out the Jose Chicken Kebabs – wonderfully charred, smoky, and juicy kebabs that are served with mini buns, salad, and bhutta. The Chaat is a perfect embodiment of Glocal’s theme. It’s a thin crust vegetarian pizza that’ll remind you of the Papdi Chaat available in the streets of North India.

I managed to get to the main course only once during my three visits. While there are a few interesting dishes including Golchina Mamsam and Biryani Risotto, the mains didn’t appear to be Glocal’s strength.

The desserts section is ambitiously experimental with dishes like Masala Chai Panacotta, Firni Crem Brule, Kalkatta Pan Cheese Cake, Toxic Mousse, Baked Filter Kapi, and Beeramisu. Not all of it is perfect. A few dishes fell short and gave the impression that Glocal was afraid to go full throttle. The Beeramisu could have been wonderful with a bit more of beer, and the Paan Cheese Cake needed both more of Paan and Cheese. But, when these experiments worked perfectly, they were a real treat. The coffee in Baked Filter Kapi was superb and will give any coffee lover an adrenalin rush. If you are a tea lover, then you would be equally delighted with the Masala Chai Panacotta that’s finished with some biscuit crumbs. The Hazelnut Torte offered wonderful bites of crunchy hazelnut hidden in an indulgent chocolate and caramel cake.

The drinks menu features many of the regular delights as well as a handful of carefully crafted signature cocktails. My favourite is a strong, whisky based cocktail called Black Magic, which is essentially a Smoked Old Fashioned without the sweetness. It’s served in a rather ominous looking glass that’s shaped like a skull. If you want something a little less aggressive, try the Bouquet – a sweetish potion served in an elegant rectangular glass adorned with a rose. Smoreass is the Elvis in the world of drinks. It’s concoction of Jameson, Bailey’s and Bananas, and you’ll either love it or hate it depending upon your reaction to the distinctive flavour of the banana. Vodka lovers have quit a few options to choose from. Toxic Box is a vodka based cocktail with eastern influences that’s is served in boxes that are similar to the takeaway noodle boxes common in the States. Thailee is Vodka mixed with Musk Melon and served in a bladder bag. The Mirage is another vodka based cocktail that is served in a golden, pineapple-shaped vessel. Glocal doesn’t divulge what’s in this mixture, but I believe I tasted pineapple and citrus juices in the mix. Finaly, if you want something really potent, try ordering their LIT pitchers. Glocal serves their LIT in four options – classic, with red bull, kiwi flavoured, and watermelon flavoured. I didn’t really enjoy the fruity variants, but the classic gives no room for complaint.

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Glocal is a fun, lively gastropub with a really interesting food and bar menu. Both food and drinks are priced quite reasonably. A litre of LIT costs around a thousand bucks, while short eats like Arab ki Thali start from around hundred bucks. There were a few disappointments in the food section – especially in the main courses. However, there’s just so much to explore and relish that it’s easy to forgive the odd missteps. Glocal has all the necessary ingredients to become the next talk of the town.

Update (23/04/2017): Glocal Junction has revised its food menu. Read more here.


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