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The entrance to Pier 33 is unassuming, but as you step inside its premises, prepared to be wowed. Pier 33 overlooks the Secret Lake (Durgam Cherevu), and in spite of the current neglected state of the lake, its quite a sight to behold. The Pier, jutting into the lake, offers an interesting juxtaposition of the tall, concrete structures of Cyberabad against the greenery surrounding the lake. The vivid white huts with comfy sofas and bright coloured cushions feel inviting. While my visit was during the day, the mashals (torch) affixed to the railings gave me an inkling of how the place will transform once the sun goes down. I was told that candle light dinners are available, and if Pier 33 somehow succeeds in keeping the mosquitoes at bay, it has the necessary ingredients to please the love birds.

I was invited to a Sunday brunch party hosted by Zomato. The brunch menu included about a dozen starters, a few main courses, some desserts, and a whole lot of drinks. In spite of a sizeable crowd, the bartenders kept things chuggin along, conjuring up cocktails and mocktails at a remarkable pace. The cocktails varied between decent and great, with the Watermelon Mojito and the Peach Slush being the best of the lot. The Vodka Panipuri that were served to us were rather tame, but adding a dash of Smirnoff instantly made it a whole lot of fun.

The starters were wildly inconsistent. A few such as the Chicken Satay (which wasn’t really a Satay), Curry Roast Chicken, Claypot Yams, and Tandoori Cauliflower were impressive, while some of the others like the Stuffed Mushroom and Baked Fish were horrible. The remaining starters such as Chicken Wings and Veg Manchurian were decent.

The main course had a pretty limited selection for a brunch, but fared better in terms of quality. The Chicken Biryani was good, but didn’t have a non-vegeterian gravy to complement it. The only non-veg gravy on offer, was a spicy Andhra Chicken curry that is paired best with steamed rice. The real star of the main course was Bisibelabath. I fell in love with this dish during my stay in Bangalore, and the Bisibelabath served at Pier 33 is undoubtedly the best that I’ve had in Hyderabad.

Desserts counter had Eclair, Cake, Pastry, and Jalebi on offer. Everything was quite decent, but only the Jalebi succeeded in making an impression.

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The Sunday Brunch at Pier 33 is a whole lot of fun with live music, lively bar counter, and a relaxing atmosphere. However, the food doesn’t do nearly enough to justify the price tag of Rs. 2000. I’d recommend opting for the a la carte menu, which is priced a tad more reasonably, while visiting Pier 33 with your friends or your significant other.


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