Flavours of Malaysia at Marriott Hyderabad


Marriott Hyderabad has flown in Chef Ruhizad Muri from Renaissance Kuala Lumpur to offer the city of Nizams a taste of the “Flavours of Malaysia”. Malaysian cuisine is heavily influenced by other Asian cuisines (esp. Thai and Chinese) as well as Indian cuisine. Chef Ruhizad believes that although Malay cuisine might not be as spicy as Indian food, it is a rich and vibrant cuisine that should appeal to the local palate.

The Flavours of Malaysia food festival is being organised in association with Tourism Malaysia. The festival themed dishes have been added to the regular Hyderabadi lunch and dinner buffet at Okra. The dishes on the buffet include many little known Malaysian gems that aren’t in the menu of restaurants across the city. My favourites were the Chicken Satay, Ikan Goren Berempah (Spicy Fish Fry), Sotong Sambal (Squids in anchovy sauce), Curry Sayur Sayuran (Vegetably curry), and Coconut Pudding. HydFoodGuy is an ‘Associated Blogger’ for the festival. In the recently concluded Facebook content, one lucky reader won a voucher for two. Here’s a glimpse of what he will be enjoying.

The buffet spread is changed every day, but Malaysian signatures by Chef Ruhizad will occupy around 40% of the entire spread. The festival is priced at approx Rs. 1700 per person (including taxes) and will conclude on 29th May.


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