Thick Shake Factory Introduces Insane Shakes


Thick Shake Factory, which began its journey a couple of years back with a humble outlet at the Manjeera Mall in Hyderabad, has quickly spread across the city and is now planning to expand to other parts of India. While they do serve decent milkshakes and slushes, their signature product are the thick shakes. Unlike regular shakes, these are prepared by adding solid, chunky ingredients like brownies and museli into the mix. The base of the thick shakes is premium, flavoured ice cream. The powerful Viitamix blenders can do their magic on pretty much anything and everything, The end result is an oddly satisfying, smooth, yet super thick shake.

Thick Shake Factory is now taking things to the next level with their new Insane Thickshakes or simply the Insanity Shakes. While regular thick shakes are served in 350 ml cups, the new insanity shakes will be served in 700ml jars. However, it’s not just the serving size that has been doubled. Every shake is ‘overloaded’ with whipped cream and toppings.

A few days back, I was invited to a blogger’s preview along with the owners – Yeshwant and Ashwin. There are five insanity shakes on offer. Chocolate lovers will dig the Insane ChocoZilla and Insane Ferrero Nutella Bomb. The former is a mix of chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, white choco chips, and rich chocolate fudge. The latter is a chocolate ice cream, Nuttela and hazelnut mixture topped with choco fudge and Ferrero Rocher. As a chocolate lover, I enjoyed both the drinks, but I was slightly biased towards the ChocoZilla’s due to its higher chocolate content.

If you don’t like Chocolate, then Insane Caramelized Oreo will be your best friend. Oreo cookies, caramel sauce, French vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. It’s not surprising that this jar of insanity is delightfully addictive.

Fruit lovers can enjoy the Insane Berry Mountain and Insane Fruity Blast. The Berry Mountain is a blend of strawberries and blueberries, while the Fruity Blast is a mixture of kiwi, apple, pineapple, and french vanilla. I love blueberries, but have an almost pathological aversion towards strawberries, so I only tried a couple of sips of the Berry Mountain. Both the fruits are mixed in very well, and as long as you enjoy strawberries, you are going to enjoy this drink. The Fruity Blast was also quite decent; however, the kiwi dominated the other fruits. This shake might be renamed or retooled before the actual launch.

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The Insane Shakes live up to their name. They are ludicrously overloaded, delightfully delicious, and dangerously high in calories. Each serving should be enough for 2-3 people, and will be priced around Rs. 350 (taxes extra). These shakes will be gradually rolled out to outlets across the city. However, for now, they are available only at the flagship outlet at W3, Jubilee Hills.


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