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Fifteen years after Mocha Bar began its journey in the city that never sleeps, Impresario – the group behind other powerhouses like Socials and Smokehouse, has introduced its eclectic concept bar to the city of Nizams. Nestled in an unsuspecting alley of Jubilee Hills, the first Mocha Bar outlet in Hyderabad features all the characteristic traits that has won Mocha so many fans and enabled it to spread its wings to over a dozen locations. Mocha features a relaxing, lush green al fresco dining area and a vibrant and quirky indoor seating. I was invited to a blogger’s table held over lunch. Mocha is calm and laid back during the afternoon, but I suspect that the place will be quite different once the sun goes down.

Mocha’s extensive drinks menu offers a selection of cocktails and mocktails, beer and hard liquor, and coffee. The cocktail selection includes Mocha specialities as well as classics. Even the classics often have an element of surprise. The Long Island Iced Tea comes in four variants and are all served in tall cylindrical glasses. Smoked Whisky arrives on your table as a set of apparatus that will remind you of the Chemistry Lab. Jaali Whisky, a potent combination of Bourbon, Angostura, and Pineapple Juice is served locked inside an iron cage. Talli Gup Chup is served as an innocuous looking plate of Pani Puri, but they pack a mean punch. In addition to the regular peg, whisky and vodka is also available by the bottle (quarter, half, or full).

The food menu is expansive and features everything including all-day breakfast options, bar nibbles, quick Chinese boxes, and heavy duty main courses. We began with a scrumptious Lebanese Key-Bab Platter featuring Mezze (Pita Bread, Salad, Hummus, and Tzatziki) and Kebabs (Shish Touk, Harissa Chicken, and Chicken Seekh), and quickly moved on to a chatpata Bombay Bhel and a refreshing Beetroot and Papaya Salad. Throughout the meal we kept hopping between different cuisines, each as impressive as the other. Whether it was the Nalli Nihari or the Khao Suey or the China Box, each dish was on point. The best, however, was stored for the last. The Rasmalai Cheesecake is an unique creation that’s sure to turn heads. A delicious cheesecake served in a bed of rasmalai. The Cheesecake is good, although you’ll definitely find better ones in the city. However, the rasmalai is fantastic, and the dish as a whole is delightful.

Over the past few months Hyderabad has seen several funky, eclectic bars open up with creative cocktails and interesting munchies. However, Mocha stands out due to its execution. Both food and drinks were consistently impressive. The spacious interiors and the charming al fresco only adds to its appeal. Impresario’s first outlet in the city ticks all the right boxes.


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