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Mama Mia! The king of wood-fired pizzas is back, but at a new location. The humble little pizza joint from Sainikpuri is now at the heart of Cyberabad. Mama Mia Italia is one of the dozen or so outlets at The Street. I got a glimpse of what Mama Mia had to offer during the inauguration of The Street. However, today is the day Mama Mia began its operations in full force, including the beginning of home delivery service. I got a taste of what’s on offer at a blogger’s table held earlier today.

We started off with breads – Garlic Bread, Cheese Garlic Bread, and Chicken Bruschetta. The garlic bread was a tad too dry and crispy. But, the Cheese Garlic Bread was simply amazing. The Bruschetta was also quite delicious – soft chunks of chicken and loads of cheese. Through the session, Mama Mia impressed with both the quantity and quality of the cheese in its pizza and bread.

In Pizzas we tried the Mama Mia Special Veg, Italian Chicken, Margherita, and Pepperoni. All pizzas were good across the board. The Mama Mia Special comes with oodles of veggies – olives, sweet corn, capsicum, onion, and jalepenos. The Italian Chicken was similarly loaded in terms of veggies, but with the addition of a generous amount of chicken cubes. Mama Mia is also quite liberal with the sprinkling of Olive Oil on these dishes, which really made a difference to the flavour.

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I’m a huge fan of pepperoni, and I was thrilled to see authentic, high-quality pepperoni being used in Mama Mia. The combination of Pepperoni and 3-cheese did make this Pizza saltier than others, but the aroma and flavour of Pepperoni made puts this pizza in a league of its own. But, the real star of the afternoon was the Margherita. It’s difficult to make a Margherita impressive – you have to reply completely on the strength of your sauce, cheese and baking skills without any toppings to hide behind. And Mama Mia really nailed everything in the Margherita. The 3-cheese combo of Parmesan, Cheddar, and Buffalo Mozzarella really gets an opportunity to shine, and the basil acts as a wonderful contrast.

Mama Mia is currently serving Pizza, Pasta, and Lasagna. Garlic Bread is available only for delivery. The pizzas are available in 3 sizes (7”, 10” and 12”), and are priced between Rs. 99 and Rs. 559.


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