Punjabi Food Festival at Radisson Blu


Lohri, the Punjabi festival that welcomes the season of harvests, commonly evokes sights of bonfires, folk songs, and dancing. However, Lohri is also about food. From Til and Gur (Sesame and Jaggery) ke Laddu to Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti, the festival is marked by traditional Punjabi winter delights. Experiencing Lohri in Punjab is something that continues to remain in my wishlist, but I was happy to have been invited by Radisson Blu to experience Lohri Food.

The Punjabi Food Festival is being hosted at Chill Restaurant and will continue until 21st Jan (dinners only). Since this is Executing Chef Sarabjeet Singh Walia’s home turf, my expectations were high, but the food lived up to them. The outdoor section features various food carts dishing out piping hot delicacies. The Pindi Chhole was quite brilliant – not overly oily or spicy, yet packed with flavour. The steaming hot Gobi and Aloo ke Parathe served with achaar also brought a smile to my face. The non-vegetarian fare included Tandoori Kukkad and Tawa Machhi, both of which were exceptionally well made. The only disappointment among the live counter was the Chaat counter, which felt a little ho-hum. The real star of the evening, however, arrived with the mains. The iconic Sarson ka Saag and Makki di Roti had a lot riding on them, and they mostly delivered. The Saag was great, but I wish the unique bitter and pungent taste of mustard was emphasised a bit more.

The Punjabi Food Festival is priced at Rs. 1599 (all inclusive); however, passes are available on MeraEvents for Rs. 1099 (all inclusive).


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