Almond House – Willy Wonka-ish Fantasyland of Delicious Treats


Last month, Indulge Ice Creams invited me to experience its recently introduced flavours. This also gave me an opportunity to take a closer look at many of Almond House’s signatures. Almond House or Badam Ghar is a brand that needs little introduction in Hyderabad. Established in 1989, Almond House has been enthralling Hyderabadis with its sweet and namkeen treats. Almond House’s Almond Bisticks might not be as iconic as Karachi Bakery’s Fruit Biscuits or Subhaan Bakery’s Osmania, but it is no less brilliant. The delightful crunch of almond-laden biscotti is followed by a satisfying buttery aftertaste that lingers on. Weight watchers stay away, because these nutty treats are incredibly addictive.

While the Bisticks might be the most popular Almond House product, their Banjara Hills flagship store is packed with fun surprises. Almond House lives up to its name; there’s almond is every size and fashion imaginable. Different qualities of almonds and cashews are available for purchase by weight. However, the real fun is in scouring through the shelves and discovering unique treats like Smoked Almonds, Cinnamon coated Almonds, Honey soaked Almonds, and Batter Fried Almonds. Almond House has also introduced a range of spreads including Almond Butter, Pistachio Butter, and Cashew Butter.

I was told that Almond House has recently expanded their Savouries portfolio, which includes traditional Indian Namkeens like Mathri, Chuduva, and Palak Sev. The sweets counter features a smorgasbord of North Indian Mithai as well as rare to find Hyderabadi classics like Ashrafi (sweets with are crafted to mimic a gold coin) and Badam ki Jali (almond sweets with a characteristic design).

If you are a foodie, it’s quite easy to walk into Almond House and get lose for a couple of hours. The store features everything from slow churned ice creams to street food to rare old-city sweets. It’s thrilling to see a venerable institute like Almond House continuously re-invent itself and thrive.



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